Whether you've lived in Lawton for a long time or you're a new transplant, here are some things you're bound to notice that can be super annoying. Take notes and try not to commit one of these first-world crimes.

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    Waiving Someone Through A Stop Sign

    I know this has happened to you. You're driving along, you come to a stop sign or one of Lawton's signature flashing red downtown traffic lights and you get there about the same time as another motorist. As a gesture of being nice, you waive that other motorist on... but then they waive a "go ahead" back at you. Don't get me wrong, driving friendly is the only way to drive, but there are rules of the road. Here's how it's supposed to work.

    If you arrive first, you go first. If you arrive second, you go second. If you arrive at the same time, the person on the right has the right of way, they go first. If the other driver is to the left, you go first. Stop playing friendly chicken.

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    Cruising In The Middle Lane

    Traversing Cache Road can go two ways. You either get tangled in traffic and catch every red light across town or you just the opposite. There's no in between. You know why? Because some smooth-brained mouth breathers like to drive under the speed limit in the middle lane.

    The far right lane, you're allowed to drive slow. It's the slow lane and a designated turn lane. The far left lane is supposed to be the "fast" lane, but it's also often a turn lane. As you cannot turn from the middle lane, there is no reason to be holding up traffic. Posted speed limits on Cache Road is 45... If you're not doing at least 50, move to a different lane.

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    The Lights... So Many Lights...

    While I wish I could sum this up in a generic statement about lazy civil engineering, I can't. Have you ever counted how many traffic lights are between your home and your destination? Why does Lawton have so many traffic lights? When I first moved to Lawton years ago, I dreaded a trip across town. I'd go out of my way to hit Rogers Lane just to avoid the lights, but as things change, so has that. Now Rogers Lane is full of lights, and lets be honest, there's probably at least one person in City Hall that woke up from a fifteen year service nap thinking it needs more.

    It wasn't always so bad. The lights used to work pretty flawlessly if you were traveling any particular route. The lights were all timed together, so if you jumped on Cache, odds are after getting your first green light, you'd almost always get all green lights. Same for every other road in town. I'm not sure if it's a lack of maintenance on the cities part, but you can't catch and ride a green light across town anymore. It's like some of them have fallen out of sync.

    Don't confuse that complaint with the new on-demand lights out in West Lawton. They switch based on traffic and it's a good thing. However, if I hop on Cache at 82nd Street and come to Fort Sill Boulevard, I can easily catch every green light. When I turn to go back, it never fails, I have to stop at 38th and wait for the light, and do it again at 52nd. Of course, if people wouldn't doddle in the middle lane of Cache Road like they do, this probably wouldn't be an issue.

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    Turning On Red

    How many times have you been sitting at a red light on Cache, watched it turn green, but you're unable to travel because the oncoming traffic is still turning across your lane? Out of every little annoyance, this is my pet peeve. It drives me so crazy, I'll cut out in front of a car turning on red just to catch their finger of displeasure. What are they going to do, hit me? "Six million dollars your honor!" I've found in my twenty years of driving, most people will do anything to not hit another vehicle.

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    Every Vehicle Has Blinkers

    There's nothing worse than realizing you've been driving behind some simp that suddenly slams on their brakes and makes a turn without remembering their turn indicating signal. Honestly, it's a one hundred year old standard feature of every automobile, how does one not know to use them?

    Granted, I understand how you can space out and forget where you're going... but that's the beauty of roads. All roads lead to all other roads. If you missed your turn, go to the next street. Driving doesn't have to be this hard.

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