UPDATE: The track list for Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom is here! After being discovered hidden in a newspaper by fans on Twitter, the artist confirmed the list was real with this tweet:

Something is coming...

After making her fans hunt around the world, quite literally, for pieces of the artwork uploaded onto gun-shaped USB sticks in a global scavenger hunt, Halsey unveiled the album art for her forthcoming sophomore record this afternoon (March 31), called hopeless fountain kingdom, which is due out on June 2.

"thank you for putting the pieces together. always for you, nothing without you. hopeless fountain kingdom 6.2.17," she wrote on Twitter. And, just to keep us on our toes over the weekend, another little bombshell: "but first. something is coming. 4.4.17 3pm PST."

"You can find me in the kingdom," the teaser reads. A lyric, perhaps?

Prepare for something to arrive on April 4. Until then, see Halsey's tweets — and the resulting panic from assorted fans — below.

Halsey's Hair Evolution

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