In Oklahoma, we're no stranger to the heat. But, according to recent research from, one city in Oklahoma is hotter than all other 591 cities.

The Filter Buy research considered the fact that overall temperatures have been increasing each year, a little more at a time. Researchers evaluated data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and picked the hottest city based on:

  • Greatest long-term average number of days per year when the temperature is 90℉ or higher
  • Long-term average number of days per year when the temperature is 100℉ or higher
  • Long-term average high and low temperature during the summer months

Based on all of these factors and evaluating only cities with 10,000 people or more, Lawton was announced to be the hottest town in Oklahoma.

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According to the research, Lawton typically has 96 days (per year) above 90 degrees, and 27 days (per year) above 100 degrees. During the summer, the average high is 95.7 degrees, higher than Florida, Georgia and even New Mexico.

During the summer months, temperatures in Lawton don't fall below 70 degrees on average.

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Obviously, any big city would have more heat than rural areas, with "asphalt, steel and brick" buildings and roads "absorbing light and converting it to heat," according to But, Lawton only ranks 6th on the list of highest populations. Why does the "shady 580" have higher average temperatures than Oklahoma City or Tulsa?

Firstly, Lawton typically sees sunnier days, recieves less rain and higher averages than "the city"; albeit, not by much. According to, Lawton has:

Danielle Carson
Danielle Carson
  • 247 sunny days per year
  • 32.1 inches of rain per year
  • average of 96.4 in July

In Oklahoma City, the highest populated city in Oklahoma, they have:

Danielle Carson
Danielle Carson
  • 231 sunny days per year
  • 35.6 inches of rain
  • 92.9 degrees for their July high, on average

Other factors that influence the overall heat include how the city is built, like including more trees and gardens that have actually proven to bring temperatures down in cities. Or using lighter colors in construction that reflect light, instead of absorbing it, to help the offset.


Sounds like the soon-to-come Aquatics Center in Lawton is more of a necessity than a "want" by L-town people.

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