Remember back in school when your day was wonderfully interrupted by the Scholastic Book Fair? Well, revel in nostalgia no longer as one book store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is bringing back that magic of book fairs past.

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Last year, Magic City Books in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hosted its first Adult Book Fair and saw over 1,000 readers! Attendance and response was so positive that the book store decided to make it an annual event. So book lovers and those who dream of their childhood book fairs rejoiced! This year's Adult Book Fair will have more books, more beer and more BFFs. It will take place from 3-9 p.m. Sept. 21 at Neff Brewing.

Be sure to register for the Adult Book Fair 2!

This event was so popular last year that Magic City Books has registration open for those dedicated book fair lovers. You can register at the event's EventBrite. If you're planning on taking friends with you, you can register up to four people but you have to have each person's name and email address. Details on registration can be found on the Magic City Books website.

How cool are the wrist bands for the book fair?? Remember slap bracelets?!

More than books!

The Adult Book Fair 2 will have more than just books! There will be beer from Neff Brewing, live DJ, glitter pens, stickers, and, of course, a lot of books! Attendees are also encouraged to come in their best 80s/90s attire.

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