We've all been told "STRANGER DANGER" in our lives, and one Oklahoma kid recently took that saying to heart. In a viral TikTok, this kid perfectly warded of a stranger with a simple hand gesture and disgusted look.

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Now, I'll admit there are different types of strangers. There are people you don't know, which is of all strangers, but they're people like store clerks or nurses. Then there are the strangers who you REALLY don't know, meaning they're the creepy people your parents warned you about - the strange people who offer you candy out of nowhere. Remember, "never take candy from a stranger?" But this saying is a moot point on Halloween when it is perfectly affectable to walk around a neighborhood, knock on strangers' doors and ask for candy.


But one Oklahoma TikToker, @kaylatooahimpah, posted a video of their kid perfectly warding off a stranger in the wild. It looks like the family is enjoying a day out at the Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center, specifically the center's butterfly garden.

The kid is walking around, admiring the plants, when all of a sudden, what seems to be one of the center's employees off camera asks the kid if they want to look at one of the butterflies. The kid gives the butterfly a look and then looks at the employee. Flicks up their hand up, like "no thank you," then side eyes the camera and walks away.

I'm assuming their parent took the video because the caption reads, "One thing about my baby is that he don't mess with strangers." Same, kid. Same.

Check out the full video below!

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