This probably won't come as a shock, but Oklahoma has a pretty extreme relationship with the weather.

First off, the elephant in the room, the Sooner State may not produce the most tornadoes in the world, but we do have the biggest. Not only the most powerful tornado in history but quite literally the biggest.

Oklahoma also holds a shocking statistic temperature-wise that isn't an all-time record but is astounding nonetheless. During the blizzard of 2011 the town of Nowata, Oklahoma experienced a 106° weather change in a week.

OKC also holds a title for, well, there's no official name for them, but most refer to them as cold bursts. Where cold air suddenly causes the temperature to fall. From 64.4° to just 43° in four minutes. The City also holds a cold front record stemming from one of the more tornadic springs on record. A front swept through causing the temp to drop from 83° at 1 pm to just 17° at midnight.

Hobart, OK holds the record for heat bursts too when the mid-morning temperature shot from 74.1° to 93.4° in the span of just five minutes back in 2005. It was even more weird considering the air then cooled off before building back to a daily high near 100° hours later.

Here are some of the extreme state records Oklahoma has kept track of.

WOW: See the Most Extreme Temperatures in Oklahoma History

Stacker investigated the most extreme temperatures in Oklahoma history using data from NOAA's State Climate Extremes Committee.

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Gallery Credit: Kelso

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