There are two scenarios playing out across Oklahoma this summer.

Some days are miserably dry and hot. Others are seasonally mild with ridiculously high humidity. Either way, it's hot across the Sooner State.

All in all, that's pretty normal. Summers are always hot in this part of the country, though there was that magical summer of 2020 people are still talking about. California was on fire, and while that was a low moment for the country, the high-altitude ash clouds provided a much-welcomed sunblock for Oklahoma. We had exactly one day at 100° and low-90s the rest of the season.

It was glorious.


After arriving home one-day last week, I walked out to the street to get my mail, and a core memory unlocked in my brain.

It was a hundred and something degrees, the wind felt like a blowdryer, and it smelled exactly like a 1990s Hollis, OK Black Eyed Pea Festival in my front yard. It was the smell of hot dirt and dry grass.

It's a very distinctive smell and it made me wonder, where is the hottest place in Oklahoma?

While many Oklahomans from all over the state love to talk about and claim their neck of the plains is the hottest, it shouldn't be a shock that the hottest places in the state are deep in the heart of Southwest Oklahoma.

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