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A volunteer firefighter in Alpine, TX was arrested recently on charges of arson that, surprisingly, have been happening for quite a few weeks.

A recent wildfire that sparked concern was in late April when a fire was left to burn 33 acres along U.S. 90 before the fire department was able to contain it. This odd occurrence was deemed non-accidental, triggering an investigation into the event and those events to follow.

David Matthew Neet, who volunteered at the Alpine Fire Department, had apparently been starting small roadside fires here and there across the Big Bend region since April and possibly even before that.

Brewster County Sheriff's Office
Brewster County Sheriff's Office

Alpine Fire Chief Andrew Pierce noted that this actually "wasn't really a shock" to him or the rest of the department, as Neet was already marked as a suspect.

Along with being a suspect, Neet was actually not the most go-get-em when it came to fire rescue and, for that matter, emergency calls in general.

You see, these seemingly random wildfire encounters had been happening for so long that newer technology was able to crack down on investigations and potential suspects.

An arson charge is actually a second-degree felony, so Neet's bond was probably a hefty one at that following his arrest.

The best part of this all? Nobody knows what the actual motive was for these fires?

Was Neet a double agent for all of the fires he put out at the station? Was he getting over a bad breakup and needed an avenue to express his anger? Was he just cold?

The world may never know...

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