Kendrick Lamar started off the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards with some humility and a lot of fire tonight (Sunday, August 27). He performed a medley of his tracks "DNA" and "Humble," with a stunning backdrop of kung fu fighters and towering walls of fire. The most incredible part of the set, however, may have been the opening.

While Kendrick crouched inside a laser display that eerily resembled bars of a jail cell, samples of dialogue played to the crowded amphitheater. A clip of a FOX News broadcast played, with reporter Geraldo River's disgusted voice criticizing the lyrics in "Alright," saying, "News on police brutality with that line in the song, quote, 'And we hate the po-po / Wanna kill us in the street fo' sho'.'" Then a female voice chimes in, "Ugh, I don't like it."

The move comes following his album DAMN.'s well-documented preoccupation with FOX, who have been vocally critical of Kendrick for a long time.

Wearing a bright red jumpsuit and with walls of fire behind him, the rapper made the opening set of the VMAs into a real statement. Watch below:

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