Kylie Minogue has a new video out, and, well, let's just say it's not very subtle. She wants you to admire her butt.

We should remind you that Kylie is, amazingly, 44 years old. And she still looks spectacular. Probably from all the working out she does in this new video. It's like she's come up with a new form of getting fit, something that's like "sexy exercising." If only there were a name for sexy exercise. Hmm, exercise that's sexy ... How about "exersexy"? Does that work? Nah. We'll keep thinking.

Anyway, watch this video for 'Sexercize' while we try to come up with a good name for sexy exercise. Here are a few of our favorite parts of the video (and Kylie):

YouTube / Kylie Minogue

See what we mean about her wanting you to look at her butt?