If you drive enough around Lawton, odds are you'll get to know certain stretches of road that you try to avoid in your daily travels. I used to live close enough to Rogers Lane, I'd take it and I-44 to the Downtown Studios everyday just to skip all of the lights on Cache Road. As they've added lights to Rogers Lane, it's just as fast to cut through town these days. Lee Boulevard where it becomes a dangerous but fun bit of roller coaster. I used to avoid the crazy turning traffic at Sheridan and Gore before the city put up the turn barrier to keep people from trying to turn across three lanes into the gas station there. Same goes for 82nd Street at the Academy turn out, and where Cache Road and Quannah Parker merge... but again, the turning barriers seems to stave off impatient and inconsiderate drivers.  These barriers are so effective, I'm curious why there isn't one at 11th and Gore.

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I've been driving this stretch of Lawton road for about fifteen years now, and every once in a while, even though I know it's a possibility to happen, traffic still backs up waiting on some Chad to turn into the Stripes off of Southbound 11th Street. It wouldn't be such an issue if you could see the person stopped up there waiting for someone to let them across, but as you have to chicane to the right through the intersection because the architect that designed that intersection was probably drunk that day, it's a blind stretch of half a block. It really is a curious thing. I mean, surely if the city can afford to pay almost double the real world value for a mall, they can stretch a few dollars to improve this half a block section of city streets.

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