Maroon 5's leading man wastes no time going shirtless for the band's new music video.

In the Dave Meyers-helmed visualization for "Wait," the newest single from the septet's sixth album, Red Pill Blues, a barely naked Adam Levine rouses from a coffin leaving little to the imagination aside from what's concealed beneath a pair of black boxer briefs. Moments after, he observes his love interest (Alexandra Daddario) resting in a casket of her own, until a surreal turn of events hurls him through a continuum of strange breakup scenarios.

In one scene, Levine tries to caress his lover's face only for it to turn to pulpy paint. In another, the singer gets transported from the sea to a junkyard through a beatdown car as his lover waits for him on a mattress and a volley of missiles come crashing down in the distance.

Honestly, we can't make this stuff up… Though the entire production itself is a total mind trip, the closing scene of Levine's actual unwinding is what still has our heads turning.

Check out Maroon 5's new music video, above.

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