Neil Young's recent four-night solo stand at New York's Carnegie Hall received glowing reviews from all who were fortunate enough to see it. Now, thanks to several fans and their camera phones, everybody can see one of those shows in its entirety for themselves.

Tom Adams, a professional videographer, recorded most of the nearly two-hour concert on Jan. 7 from his seat in the front row of the mezzanine. He contacted others who had uploaded similar videos for permission, and created a master cut. He then synced up the video with a high-quality audio source that he found elsewhere online.

Adams began seeking out other sources to complete the video when he got busted by Carnegie Hall staff during one song, a cover of Phil Ochs' 'Changes.' "I got a little too adventurous with the camera and one of the ushers came over and told me to put it away," he told the Wall Street Journal.

Despite a disclaimer at the beginning, where Adams recommends legally purchasing all of Young's officially released material, the singer's longtime manager, Elliot Roberts, made his dissatisfaction with Adams and other bootleggers clear. "We find this sort of practice to be incredibly rude toward both the audience and the artist," he said.