When it came to "Tebowing" it was because we has on an insane winning streak and got his Denver Broncos into the playoffs and ever pulled off a first round playoff win against the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, but there is now a new craze sweeping the nation.

This new world wide signature pose is called "Bradying" and it mimics the final shot we saw of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the field Sunday after the final play of Super Bowl XLVI in which the New York Giants defeated Tom's New England Patriots . The pose is Tom Brady in a woebegone position sitting down legs out straight and hands in his lap. I have the 'Bradying" picture and I have demonstrated below in the picture and would love for you to send me pictures of you "Bradying" all around town, just email your picture to me here at stevekelly@townsquaremedia.com