Did you know the Sooner State is home to the cow chip-throwing capital of the world? That's right this small town in the Oklahoma panhandle has been hosting an annual cow chip throwing contest for over 50 years.

It's nicknamed "No Man's Land the town of Beaver, OK. has without a doubt one of the strangest, craziest, and longest-running events in the entire state. The annual World Champion Cow Chip Throwing Contest.

The small town of Beaver, Oklahoma is the cow chip-throwing capital of the world

YouTube.com- FUGO Studios
YouTube.com- FUGO Studios

So what exactly is a cow chip throwing contest? Well, like the name implies dried cow pies are collected and people compete to see who can throw their cow chip the furthest. Yep, they throw dried cow crap.

It may sound easy, but there's certainly an art and science to it. From selecting the best cow chip to the grip and throwing technic. People from all over come to Beaver during the spring to compete in the contest.

Learn more about the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, OK.

Not too sure how this whole thing got started, but they've been holding the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest since 1969. It's held on the third Saturday of April every year, the 54th annual is on the way.

There's a lot more to it than just the cow chip-throwing contest. It's a festival complete with a parade, carnival, live music, arts & crafts, chili cook-off, and talent show. There's a little bit of everything for everyone.

Beaver, OK's cow chip throwing contest happens on the 3rd Saturday in April every year

YouTube.com- FUGO Studios
YouTube.com- FUGO Studios

So if you're looking for something to do in early spring you could head to Bewaver, OK. and check out the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest and Festival. This year's event will be on (04-15-23).

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