The Oklahoma State Board of Education has released the grades of the schools in the Sooner state.

According to the list, Lawton Public Schools have scored 3 A's, 14'B, 11 C's and 2 D's.

The highest score was MacArthur High school with a 98 A+ grade. Wilson Elementary School was the lowest scoring institution with a 62 D-. Jackson Elementary School also received a D score.

In all the schools in the state 354 received A's, 499 got B's, 472 receive C's, 263 got D's and 163 received F's.

This marks the second year the A-F report card for schools in Oklahoma has been used when it was adopted into law by the Oklahoma Legislation in 2011.

The report card is an indicator of the percentage of students who are currently meeting or exceeding grade-level academic standards, meeting academic standards and school attendance.

The State Department of Education stated that this year's report card showed more of an emphasis on student achievement rather than student growth like the 2012 report indicated. Because of this the 2012 and 2013 report cards are not directly comparable to last year's results.

The full list can be viewed here.