If you haven't heard the news yet the Oklahoma Lottery for Mega Millions and Powerball have grown to incredible amounts. Right now the Mega Millions is up to $750 million and Powerball is now $640 million. With that kind of money up for grabs I'm thinking I need to get some tickets and quick. They'll be drawing again for Mega Millions this Friday (01-15-21) and Powerball on Saturday (01-16-21).

With my luck I have little to no chance of winning. Just the everyday chance to win a lottery is tough enough odds, add in my luck and it quickly becomes close to hopeless. But you know what they say, "You can't win unless you play." I rarely play the lottery, but when the payouts are this high you almost have to buy a ticket or two. It's only a couple of bucks per ticket so why not. It's kind of fun to play, even if you don't win.

Every now and then I'll play the lotto or buy some scratch offs just for fun. I've actually won a few times with scratch offs, nothing huge but a win none the less. I've known several people who have won decent amounts of money from the lottery with pick 3 and other games. So far I haven't been too lucky, maybe I'm over due.

The best part of playing for me is thinking of all the ways I'd spend the money. From houses to cars, trucks, bikes and all kinds of other cool toys. I can honestly say I wouldn't quit working. I might take a short break to enjoy the winnings, maybe take a vacation, but I'd come back to work for sure. So why would anyone continue working if they won big with the lottery and became a multi millionaire? I think I'd get bored, plus there's something appealing, at least to me, about working and not needing the money.

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