If you're new to the Internet, ThinkGeek is just about the best online store to buy really awesome stupid and smart stuff.

Last year, TG announced they'd be stretching out into retail spaces, promptly opening stores in Orlando, NYC, and Dallas. This year, they've opened a bunch more. It's not exactly growing at massive proportions, just a store or two here and there... but it's pretty awesome.

Now, instead of wandering through endless pages of stuff online, I can just walk in and pick out xmas and birthday gifts for the nephews. This is especially cool since a lot of what Hastings used to sell can be found on ThinkGeek.

So where's the catch? It's in Tulsa... Which is quite the drive, and a really complex little city to navigate... but if you tend to find yourself heading here often like me, we're in luck.



Where else are you going to find gems like Das Can, fancy Star Wars glassware, Alien piggy banks, or a Star Trek Phaser remote control!?!

Honestly, get excited.