With all of the gas station talk going around Southwest Oklahoma these days due to the EZGO/Love's buyout, it was only a matter of time before the Buc-ee's talk started.

Facebook is full of people spreading the amazing news that Oklahoma is finally getting a Buc-ee's!

Facebook Buc-ee's
Advanced Remodeling and Concrete Facebook

Some people be so dang gullible!

Look at the date on the post... While it's important to remember everything is fake in your Facebook feed, you should be especially cautious on April Fools Day...

This post went uber-viral across Oklahoma within an hour of being originally posted, and people are still talking about it over a year later.

"Well I saw Tulsa was getting a Buc-ee's, it's real!" Bless your heart... Nothing on the internet is real. The news isn't real, the weather is real, birds aren't real, and half of my own stories are works of fantastic fiction... when will people realize the internet is full of it?

It's the second time Oklahoma has fallen for it.

Believe it or not, the Tulsa Buc-ee's rumor is the second time the majority of social media users in the state swallowed the old banana in the tailpipe. There was another fake Buc-ee's post that went super viral a few times over the years.

I remember it popping up right after the pandemic started in 2020, complete with a fake website and everything, and it kept getting reposted every few months after that.

Moore Monthly Facebook
Moore Monthly Facebook

It's amazing how gullible people have become in the technological age, but then again, even the news isn't real anymore. They just read whatever script their corporate overlords send them that day. Thousands of news channels, one script. Same/same for social media.

I'm pretty sure fake Buc-ee's posts happen in every state. Just last month the town of Russell, Kansas fell for this prank... Population 4,000-ish, located out in the middle of nowhere. People actually got upset fearing how it would impact traffic at the (probably) only stoplight in town.

...but is Oklahoma getting a Buc-ee's?


As we've talked about before, while you can't rule out the eventual possibility, the odds are not in our favor. Buc-ee's builds where the people are. Metro areas where it's common to see millions of people each month of the year.

Example: Dallas has a metro population of about 6.5 million residents, plus tourists and visitors. That's more people than in the whole state of Oklahoma. Houston is even larger with 7.1 million residents. Everywhere there is a Buc-ee's, with the exception of the OG gas stations on the Gulf Coast, there are millions of people all lining up to experience hot brisket on the board.

If OKC and Tulsa keep growing, there's always the possibility Buc-ee's might take a second look... Or maybe the private owners will sell out and let Wall Street spread beaver nuggets all over this country, but that's unlikely too since that would probably ruin the brand Texas-native Arch Aplin has worked so hard to build.

All the same, if I were a betting man, I bet his kids or whoever takes over the helm of the buck-tooth empire will build Buc-ee's into Oklahoma. That day will come.

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