As people everywhere start to make plans for the coming summer, the topic of 'Epic Road Trips' pops up this time each year.

  • The Pacific Coast Highway
  • The Mother Road Route 66
  • The Loneliest Road US 50
  • The ALCAN and Dalton Highways

The list of American road trips literally goes on from coast to coast and border to border, but while they may be amazing epic trips, it's not always in our personal wheelhouse of possibilities for one reason or another... mainly, money.

With fuel still so high these days, it's hard for the Average Joe to go experience the country, but there are always options on a smaller but still epic scale.

I know a few Texans that often take some pretty epic Lone Star adventures across their massive state...

  • Texarkana to El Paso
  • Pinehurst to El Paso (I-10 across the state)
  • Brownsville to Dalhart or Texline

It got me thinking, are there any epic road trips through the Sooner State? Absolutely.

The longest road.

While Oklahoma isn't even in the conversation of the largest states, it's amazing how many miles you can pack into our little state.

Our longest road meanders from one ecological extreme to another. From the swamps to the high desert, OK State Highway 3 starts in SEOK and exits to Colorado way up in the panhandle almost exactly 615 miles away.

Scott5114, Wikipedia, PublicDomain
Scott5114, Wikipedia, PublicDomain

It's important to note, that's 615 miles on just a single road... granted, many highways across the country share routes, so while it is SH-3 the whole way, the road is also shared by other highways too.

As impressive as that is, if you were wanting to take the longest drive through Oklahoma, and you're comfortable getting off the beaten path, there is another route to follow that can stretch your Oklahoma road trip a little farther.


If you were so inclined, you could start your journey at either corner of the state while still utilizing the dependable SH-3 for most of the travel. The only difference is at both ends, you're getting off the highway onto a couple of narrow two-lane roads at the respective state lines.

Total distance - 624 miles from Arkansas to Colorado, from the swamp to the high desert mesa. That makes up Oklahoma's most epic road trip.

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