Back in 1925, Ben Bernie's "Sweet Georgia Brown" was topping music charts, flapper dresses and racoon coats were the latest fashion trend and the precursor to what we now know as the TV was invented.

Americans were becoming more and more enfatuated with trends and material things and less with nature. Founder Frank Phillips said "The great difficulty with the American people today is that they are getting too far away from the fundamental things in life." In an effort to escape the bustling busy life, the oilman started one of Oklahoma's "most unique places in the state," according to Will Rogers.

Woolaroc, located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is 3,700 acres of refuge from stress and high-pace living in the Osage hills. The property is home to various exotic and native wildlife like elk, bison and longhorn cattle. Here they also have a museum, capturing western culture and history at the Frank Phillips Ranch.

Woolaroc has recently become a romantic spot for weddings and ceremonies. An array of locations on the property, like Clyde Lake or the Lodge have captured the hearts of families over the years and been captured in some incredible photos.

Date night can be pretty creative if you let other folks take the reins for plans. Various events for families and adults only are held throughout the year, the most notable "Cow Thieves and Outlaws Reunion" coming up in September 2024.

Frank Phillips hosted celebrations for "cowboys, socialites, thieves, bankers, and lawmen at his country estate" when he first built Woolaroc in 1925. The traditional party continues to this day.

What better way to spend your day with your special someone at Oklahoma's own oasis. For more booking information or updates on the current events, check out the Woolaroc Facebook page.

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