I recall my summer's as a child with fond memories. Staying outside all day long until the street light came on and my mom or my dad yelling from the back step "Come on in! It's getting dark!" and our reply was always "Aww! Come on! Just 5 more minutes!"

One of the things I remember most is the empty lot next to our house on 1st Avenue. All the kids in the neighborhood would gather there for a quick game of softball or kick the can. I hated the 'choosing your team' part. I wasn't very athletic and I was always picked last.

"Kick the Can" was my favorite game. Whoever was "it" had to hide their eyes and count to 100 as everyone scattered to hide somewhere close so that you could still see the can. If you were found you had to go stand by the can and wait for someone to rescue you. Here is the fun part.....

When you were caught you would yell out "Pussy wants a motion!" and someone who is hiding would motion where they were; like pop up from behind a bush. When the person seeking wasn't looking you would motion for them to come in and "kick the can". If they were able to kick it before the seeker caught them you were free!  When the seeker grew tired of looking he would call out "Ahli Ahli oxen free!" Don't ask me what that meant but everyone would come out of hiding laughing and running to the can! What a blast! Our cheeks would be red and the hair on our necks wet with summer sweat.

So many great memories of growing up in a small town on a street corner in the middle of nowhere!

What games will your kids be playing this holiday weekend?

From the website Mashable - here is a link for a list of the 15 Outdoor Games That Will Make You Miss Being a Kid.  How many of them do you remember?