In August, 2013 the Farmer's Almanac released its predictions for winter weather. Managing editor Sandi Duncan said at the time, "We don't use four-letter words but when it comes to this winter's weather the word is c-o-l-d. We're predicting two-thirds of the country will have below-average temperatures for the winter season, and in some areas the temperatures will be biting and piercing."

What do you think... was the Farmer's Almanac right?

Looking ahead, the Farmers Almanac says mid-March "could bring a wave of storminess stretching almost from coast to coast, bringing a wide variety of precipitation types as well as strong and gusty winds." Meh. Kind of a generic forecast for March.

What about summer? The magazine predicts summer 2014 is going to be "oppressively humid, wet and thundery." Well, that would be good news for our drought stricken area.

Duncan said her magazine believes it has between an 80 and 85 percent accuracy rate for its weather predictions.

Here is their prediction for summer in Oklahoma.