My Friend the Super Hero
Super heroes come in many forms. Some people may not even know that they’re built for that type of responsibility until the opportunity presents itself. Today was that day for Shykira Smith.
Prank Goes Terribly Wrong
UPDATE (8/10/15 9:10 AM): Initial reports stated that the airplane that crashed was meant to carry a banner to prank the Dallas Cowboys, but that has been found to be false.
While there was indeed a fatal crash at the same airport, witnesses say it was an airplane carrying a Bud Light banner that cra…
Shocking Boat Crash Caught on Video [VIDEO]
There is nothing more relaxing than heading to the lake and driving around in your boat. And with summer drawing to a close there are only a few more weekends left to get out on the lake and enjoy the water. And after you see this video, it may make you want to pack it in for the summer.