Need Homework Help?
Need homework help? Back in the 'olden days' kids had two resources: their textbook and mom or dad. Now kids can turn to smartphones for homework assistance; provided mom and dad aren’t afraid to break out a credit card.
New Facebook App Will Help You Find Out Who Gave You the Flu
After last year's flu season, which health officials say was one of the mildest in the past 30 years, the illness is back with a vengeance. Well, if you're unlucky enough to currently have the flu, at least a new Facebook app can help track down the diseased jerk who gave it to you in the …
‘Power Tools’ Mobile App Review
Unless you spend a bunch of time in a garage, it’s not always second nature to know which power tool to use for which ill-advised do-it-yourself project. It’s bad enough that our projects always end in injury and the shame of paying a handyman — or wilting as we…
6 Hunting Apps That’ll Improve Your Game
RangeFinder, / Thinkstock / Duck Hunting Calls,
Smart phones help us with most of our daily tasks, so why shouldn't it help out hunters with bringing home the best game possible? Just because you’re slogging through the forest, or across an a…