What is the Most Popular Easter Treat or Candy in Oklahoma?
Find out what the #1 most popular Easter candy or treat is in the Sooner state. If you thought it was jelly beans or the traditional chocolate Easter bunny you'd be wrong. You'll never guess what most states listed as their all time Easter favorite, It's not even candy!
The Best and Worst Halloween Candy
The great candy debate has started up once again. We go through this each and every year as we get closer to Halloween and Trick or Treating. The question that's on everyone's mind "What's the best and worst Halloween candy?" Opinions vary of course because we're talking about personal taste and likes vs cold hard facts. Everyone's got a favorite and everyone's got a dislike.
The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Candy Trading
This has to be the ultimate guide to Halloween candy trading. If you've been stuck with bad trades in year's past, or unsure of current values and proper trade etiquette you're in luck! Just hit play on this short video and you'll be up to speed and prepared for this year's candy haul and you'll be trading like a pro in no time!
We WILL BE Trick-or-Treating This Halloween in Lawton!
Now for the news most, if not all of us were wanting to hear. The City of Lawton has approved trick-or-treating this Halloween so the kids WILL BE out collecting up candy and celebrating Halloween properly. This is some really good news. With everything that's been going on with COZID-19 we were all worried about Halloween this year. Think of the kids, it's been a rough year for them and I'm glad they'll be able to costume up and enjoy trick-or-treating. It's even better that this year Halloween is on a Saturday!
Create Your Own Candy At-Home With These Essential Items
It's near impossible to ignore all of the chocolate and candy displays out there right now with Valentine's Day right around the corner but that doesn't mean you have to give in to their hefty price tags. Creating your own candy at home is incredibly easy and rewarding once you know where to start.
Halloween Without Candy?!?
In a world without candy, things get pretty scary. These Halloween treats are making kids sick. Literally! They're trying veggie-flavored treats as an alternative to traditional Halloween candy. Sounds pretty scary if you ask us.

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