Christmas lights

How Early or Late Do You Hang Your Christmas Lights?
It's the great Christmas Light debate. A question that has plagued mankind since the earliest beginning of exterior holiday lighting. So exactly when do you hang up your lights? When is too early or too late? What's the perfect time to decorate the outside of your house for the holiday season? Well, we're still in search of answers to this question, but we want to know your thoughts on the subject.
Holiday In The Park Event Postponed
Mother Nature has done it again. Due to increasing chances of inclement weather, it has been decided that the annual Holiday in the Park Parade and the Fishing for the Food Bank event will be postponed from Saturday, November 22nd to until Saturday, November 29th.
This House Has Serious Christmas ‘Gangnam Style’
John Storm is a lucky man. Most people who move into a new neighborhood and promptly set up an insane Christmas light show set to 'Gangnam Style' would not be very popular. His neighbors, however, think it's kind of impressive to meet a real-life Clark Griswold. We think it's kind of impressive that his hobby requires him to use a dongle. That's sincerely Gangnam Style.
Christmas Lights Display Says Thank You To Troops And Veterans[VIDEO]
It's Christmas time and by now you and your neighbors have but up your Christmas lights and by now you  have seen countless videos of people that have synced up their lights to music. But I am betting that you have yet to so a display like this one. This display says thank you to our troops and or veterans, and makes me proud to be an American.