Does This Offend You?
The big breaking news today was that Starbucks released a red cup with their green logo on it. So some guy is telling his thousands of Facebook followers to state their name is “Merry Christmas” so Starbucks HAS to write it on the cup? How petty and ignorant is that?…
Are You Buying Gifts for Your Pets This Christmas?
We don't romanticize our pets much.  Kramer is our dog, Yoda is the cat and they both have unique personalities and unique relationships with each HUMAN member of our family.
They are animals, yet, both our pets will have presents under the tree this holiday.
Sara X Does Jingle Bells With Her Boobs [VIDEO]
OK, I'm a fan. Not only is Sara X extremely talented, but she is adorable in this new video.
If you're unfamiliar with her previous work, she moves her boobs in rhythm with the song. The hell with twerking; I want more of this boob-a-licious action!

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