Adopt a Pet – Meet Sammy and Robbie [PHOTOS]
Here at MY107 we decided that it was time to feature all the great animals in Lawton who are in a need of a new home! There are way too many animals out there who are simply abandoned. So we've teamed up with the Lawton Humane Society to try and help some of these great animals! Meet Sammy and Robbie, our first 'adopt a pet' animals!
Oklahoma Woman Recovers Dog and Wedding Ring After Tornado
On Sunday, a tornado tore a swath of destruction through Woodward, OK, tragically killing six people and destroying homes and businesses. Emilee Neagle and her family lost their home and belongings in the destructive storm, but, miraculously, the family dog and her prized wedding ring were recovered.
Meet Mishka the Talking Dog [VIDEOS]
Mishka the Talking Dog is a husky that can say almost anything from 'I Love you' to 'I want my mommy!' This dog is so popular that almost 300 million people have seen her videos. These days Mishka makes TV appearances, radio call-ins, and has been in a commercial! You can now be-friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter!
Tucker The Piano Dog Is a YouTube Sensation [VIDEO]
The Kenndy Family, from Canada, posted a video on YouTube of their one and a half year old Schnoodle, Tucker, who turns out have a special talent! Tucker as you can see loves to play the piano and sing! He does it 3 to 4 times a day! Is he any good? You be the judge! Amazing and funny video!
Fearless Dog Bites Shark [VIDEO]
One pooch recently proved he’s alpha dog material by driving away a shark in the waters near One Arm Point, a remote community in western Australia. Good boy! In a YouTube video featured on ‘Today,’ the dog can be seen paddling contentedly through the ocean while two sharks lurk beneath the surf. It’s difficult to gauge the size of the fish, but they certainly appear to be large. The dog showed no
Paco the Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Chases Off Robbers [VIDEO]
When Eric Knight adopted his Chihuahua, Paco, from a shelter five years ago, he had no idea the pint-sized canine led a double-life as a superhero. Two armed robbers who recently tried to shake down Knight’s cigar store in Altadena, California found out the hard way. They got far enough in the heist that the store owner was stuffing cash into a backpack — and that’s when Paco emerged, full of aggr
Mackie the Boston Terrier Loves Being Tickled [VIDEO]
As Della Reese once said in the 1996 Martin Lawrence classic of the same name, “It’s a thin line between love and hate.” Mackie the Boston Terrier clearly has some strong feeling about being tickled, but whether “Please sir, may I have another?” or “If you touch me again, I’m going to explode” is up for interpretation. Either way, it manifests itself with a series of delightful facial expressions
Poor, Poor Ci the Sheepdog Is Scared of Sheep [VIDEO]
Counting sheep is a relaxing way to fall asleep, unless you’re Ci the border collie, in which case it would most likely lead to frightening night terrors. Ci may technically be a sheepdog, but he’s also afraid of sheep, a fear that dates all the way back to puppyhood. According to his 54-year-old owner Jane Lippington, the sheep herding instinct is definitely present in Ci, but instinct can only t

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