Driver's License

The Deadline for REAL I.D’s Has Been Extended by DHS
Good news! If like myself you've been sweating getting the new REAL ID and have had little to no luck in obtaining one, they've extended the deadline again, thank God! It's been incredibly difficult to get the new REAL I.D. and gather up all the required paperwork and proof they need to issue it. Not to mention that it takes FOREVER to make an appointment to have your documents and proof of identity materials approved and a REAL I.D. issued.
Oklahoma is Trying to Make Getting Your I.D’s Easier and Faster
If you've had the misfortune of having to renew your driver's license, get a license, apply for an Oklahoma Real I.D. or driver's permit lately you know firsthand just how hard it is and how long you have to wait. It's beyond ridiculous, not to mention incredibly frustrating. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it's brought the DPS (Oklahoma Department of Public Safety) and tag agencies to a screeching halt. It's slowed the entire process to a crawl. It could takes months to get what you're needing done depending on your situation. We're coming up on a year dealing with COVID-19 and it will take forever to clear the backlog and line of people needing I.D's or renewals. If you haven't experienced this yet, be grateful.