Today is National Unfriend Day!
Happy National Unfriend Day! That's right today (11-17-20) is National Unfriend Day. A special day set aside each year where we browse our friends list on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media platforms and thin the herd. So how and when did this, dare we say it, holiday start? It&ap…
Facebook Eyes Original Series Content for Video Tabs
There’s no one definition to “TV” anymore, considering half of our most-watched series are easily binged on a phone. Great shows can come from unorthodox places, and Facebook might be getting ready to stretch that definition further with its own line of original and scripted con…
Time To Quit Facebook
Addicts everywhere are freaking out, but new science says it is time to quit Facebook.  Why?  Because you need to be happy and Facebook doesn't give you that.
10 Things To Do When Facebook Goes Down
I admit I am not the best social media-er in the universe.  I troll Facebook to check on what's happening with people I love but don't talk with every day.  I post when something is interesting enough to me, but I'm not a 60x a day poster.  What I do know is I am in a v…

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