Full House

John Stamos and Seth Meyers Read the Worst ‘Fuller House’ Reviews
There’s a persistent air of meta-awareness circulating through the Tanner household in Netflix’s Fuller House, whether acknowledging the Olsen’s absence, or the series’ history, that it’s only fair the reviews follow suit. As such, John Stamos took Fuller House’s worst reviews to TV as well, sharing a few on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
Have Meeeeercy!!!
Netflix’s Fuller House will drag the past kicking and streaming onto your devices as early as this Friday, but it won’t bring the Olsen twins any closer to reprising the role that once made them famous. Now, said fashion moguls have at last spoken out on declining the invitation, owing to bad timing and discomfort.
Have Mercy, John Stamos Says ‘Fuller House’ Season 2 is Coming
Nothing we’ve seen of Netflix’s Full House revival has allayed questions as to why we needed Fuller House in the first place, but Netflix isn’t about to give up on the Tanners after only one year. According to series star and executive producer John Stamos, the streaming service will renew Fuller House for “a lot” more than one season. Have mercy.

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