Oklahoma Could be Facing High Utility Bills Due to Winter Storm
Last week's winter storm wreaked havoc on Oklahoma with record low freezing temperatures and tons of snow and ice. We're finally on the other side of it, but the effects will continue to linger for months to come. Now that everything is starting to thaw out and melt way a lot of people, my…
Gas Prices Continue To Fall
Hurricane Sandy may have wreaked havoc on the Eastern seaboard, but its aftereffects are providing drivers all over the country with a bit of relief at the pump.
The Gas Problem is Here to Stay
This morning I stopped to get gas and as I was pulling in my neighborhood gas station I notice the price of gas has gone up since last week. I wasn’t surprise by the gas prices going up, for the past 10 years I have seen the gas trend again and again. At first I was surprised, sure it’s just a seaso…
OK To Travel In OK This Memorial Day
Summer travel officially begins this weekend with the long Memorial Day holiday.
Are you ready to get out there and drive?
AAA Oklahoma says more people in the state will be driving this year over last.  There will be about 500,000 Okies on the highways this year despite the fact that gas is just…