Spirit Halloween in Lawton to Open Next Week
The wait is almost over for the Lawton Spirit Halloween to reopen for the season. The countdown has begun and it's looking like they'll be opening their doors starting next week, maybe as early as Monday, August 23rd (08-23-21).
City of Lawton Announced Halloween 2021 “Trick or Treating” Hours
This year has flown by, at least for me any way. It's hard to believe, but Fall will be here before you know it, which means Halloween is on the way! The City of Lawton just announced the "Trick or Treating" hours for 2021. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year so the City of Lawton will be observing All Hallow's Eve the day before on Saturday, October 30th (10-30-21) from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.
The “Halloween is Cancelled” Mini Movie
This hilarious parody video from YouTube channel Andrew Kasch has the one and only Micheal Myers from the Halloween movie franchise sadly walking around empty streets and neighborhoods on All Hallows' Eve. There's no one out and nothing to do, until he meets up with a neighborhood Karen.
The Best Halloween News Bloopers!
It's another hilarious batch of news bloopers just in time for Halloween courtesy of YouTube channel News Be Funny. I always look forward to seeing these especially the big, mega montages like this one. It's a collection from all the past Halloween broadcasts that feature scares, pranks and plenty of screw ups and on camera blunders.
The Best of Halloween Scare Pranks!
It's officially the Halloween season and yes it's a season, at least to me it is. One of my favorite things about this time of year and Halloween is all the scare pranks. I've been spending some quality time on YouTube watching videos of some of the best and funniest scare pranks. Not only are they incredibly entertaining to watch, it's also good research to get some great ideals for future pranks.
Red Dead Redemption Halloween Pass Official Trailer
We finally have a sneak peek of the new Red Dead Redemption 2 Halloween Pass for 2020. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT came today (10-20-20) from Rockstar Games. Starting today through Monday, November 16th 2020 (11-16-20) you can purchase the Halloween Pass and unlock all kinds of new and creepy items, masks, themes and even special content locations including a spooky Halloween picture booth.
The Best and Worst Halloween Candy
The great candy debate has started up once again. We go through this each and every year as we get closer to Halloween and Trick or Treating. The question that's on everyone's mind "What's the best and worst Halloween candy?" Opinions vary of course because we're talking about personal taste and likes vs cold hard facts. Everyone's got a favorite and everyone's got a dislike.
5 Must Watch Horror Films For Halloween
Hard to believe in a few short weeks it'll be Halloween! Fall is officially here and the temperatures are getting cooler, soon we'll be celebrating "All Hallows' Eve." For me Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. The decorations, candy, costumes, parties and of course horror films!
Elvira’s “Don’t Cancel Halloween” Music Video!
The Queen of Halloween, the Mistress of the Dark herself, the one the only Elvira is back with an all new music video for "Don't Cancel Halloween." I'm a HUGE FAN of Elvira and always will be. I grew up watching Elvira's Movie Macabre every Saturday night and will spend a large portion of the Halloween season this year re-watching all my favorites.
The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Candy Trading
This has to be the ultimate guide to Halloween candy trading. If you've been stuck with bad trades in year's past, or unsure of current values and proper trade etiquette you're in luck! Just hit play on this short video and you'll be up to speed and prepared for this year's candy haul and you'll be trading like a pro in no time!

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