What’s Your Favorite Way to Cook a Turkey?
We're getting closer to Thanksgiving. Hard to believe it'll be here this upcoming Thursday, the wait's almost over! So what is your all-time favorite way to cook a turkey? Take the quick poll and let us know. If you pick anything other than deep-fried YOU'RE WRONG!
See the World’s Largest Christmas Tree in Enid Oklahoma This Holiday Season
The world's largest Christmas tree will be in Enid, Oklahoma this holiday season. Make plans now to attend The One, a special holiday happening that will feature concerts, arts and crafts, bands, plays, church services, show choirs, live performances of all kinds, and the largest Christmas tree in the world standing at a whopping 140 feet tall.
Anti-Gun Santa Ruins Kid’s Christmas
This poor kid just had his Christmas completely ruined by an anti-gun bad mall Santa. Of course this would happen in 2020 one of the worst years in recorded history and for this kid it just got a lot worse.

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