Lawton Public Schools

Lawton Public School Receive Semester Report Cards
The first semester of 2016 has come to a close for the teachers and students of the Lawton Public School system, and just like students receive report cards grading their efforts in the first semester, so too will the teachers and schools of the district.
Lawton School Board Seeking Public Opinion on Bond Issue
Tuesday night, the Lawton Public School district and the Lawton Chamber of Commerce hosted the first of several "feedback meetings", intended to garner reaction to, and receive input about a new bond issue that is currently in the preliminary stages for our next election.
School Board Extends Limited Dress Code
Monday night the Lawton Public Schools Board of Education finally made a long awaited decision on the highly debated uniform dress code question for all of the schools in the district; well, in a manner they did.
Choosing Not To Choose
At last month's Lawton Public Schools Board of Education meeting, the Board addressed the issue of a uniform dress code for Lawton Public Schools was addressed.