Lawton Public Schools Reinstates Mask Mandate
Last Friday (09-10-21) LPS (Lawton Public Schools) announced that they would be reinstating their mask mandate effective today (09-13-21). LPS Superintendent Kevin Hime released a statement late last week that discussed and outlined the mask mandate and it's reinstatement
Lawton Public School’s Mandatory Mask Mandate has Expired
LPS (Lawton Public Schools) has expired their mandatory mask mandate for all Lawton area schools within the LPS district. The news came yesterday (05-24-21) that it will no longer be required for students, faculty or visitors to wear masks or face coverings inside or outside. The mask mandate was or…
Lawton Public Schools Release COVID-19 Safety Procedure Videos
LPS (Lawton Public Schools) release several COVID-19 safety procedure videos yesterday. They loaded them to their official LPS TV YouTube channel and sent them out via text message as well. If for some reason you didn't receive the text and haven't seen the videos yet we have them for you.