Mask Mandate

Lawton Still Requires Face Masks at All City Owned Facilities
This past Tuesday (03-23-21) the city council met and voted to repeal Lawton's mask mandate. The updated or revised city ordinance (21-07) eliminated the requirements for local businesses to post COVID-19 and face mask signage. The ordinance also ended the mandatory mask mandate as well. Since then the City of Lawton has issued a statement concerning the wearing of face masks in city owned buildings, properties and facilities. The mask mandate may have been repealed but you'll still be required to wear a face mask and/or covering when visiting, or going into any City of Lawton site or facility.
What Do You Think About Lawton Repealing the Mask Mandate?
Yesterday afternoon (03-23-21) the Lawton City Council met and voted to repeal Lawton's mask mandate, effective immediately. You will no longer be required to wear a face mask or covering while indoors at commercial properties, businesses and other locations in town. The same goes for outdoors at city parks and other "open to the public" general use areas within city limits. Of course with this being a highly controversial issue and opinions running from one extreme to the other it's caused a lot of friction and concern among citizens. Some say it's too soon, others say it should have never been mandated.