The Pre-Fourth of July Office Cookout Was a BIG Success!
One of the coolest things we do around here is cookouts and luncheons. We never miss an opportunity to cookout or make meals. The entire office gets in on it and everybody brings something to prepare or serve. Of course with this weekend being the July Fourth weekend we had to brake out the grill and do up some hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst and even some chicken fajitas. We used our brand new 36" Blackstone Griddle Grill. We gave one of these away with our Father's Day giveaway awhile back. I've never used one before today and I have to say I really like it. Everything we threw on it turned out great!
Another Possible Shortage and This Time It’s Meat!
I swear if it's not one thing it's another. When the hell is this "normal" everyone's talking about going to happen? Now before we go any further let me just say remain clam, there's no need to panic, all is well. Okay, maybe not everything is well, but it's not bad either. It's looking like there may be another shortage on the horizon and this time it's meat.
For a Limited Time Get 20 Ribeyes For Just $40.00
They're back! Essential Food Sales has returned to Lawton, Fort Sill with unbeatable deals on steaks, chicken, pork and even seafood. For a limited time you can get 20 ribeyes for just $40.00 while supplies last. They're set up on the corner of Ferris Ave and Sheridan Road in the Goodwill parking lot across from Sam's Club/Walmart. You can't missing the giant tent or truck. Pull in to get great deals on all meats.
Taft Grocery Rumored To Be Reopening Soon!
Now before anyone gets too excited keep in mind at this time it's only rumors. With that being said we've heard it several times over the weekend and from different people that Taft Grocery has been bought and will be reopening sometime soon. If you've been in Lawton awhile or grew up here you know all about Taft Grocery. It was a HUGE HIT when I was a kid for all the candy, then for all the meats when I got older.
What Are You Grilling This Labor Day Weekend?
It's hard to believe, Labor Day weekend is almost here! For the fair weather griller this will be the last big cook out of the season. For the rest of us it's just another great weekend that we'll be grilling and a three day weekend at that. Personally I don't care what Mother Nature's up to, I'll light the grill in the rain, snow, day, night, good or bad weather.
What’s The Best Type Or Cut Of Steak? [POLL]
It's the great steak debate. What is the best type or cut of steak? I'm sure you have a favorite, that one steak that you prefer above all others. Tonight Kelso and I will hit the grill and kick the weekend off right with some perfectly seasoned, grilled, juicy and ever so delicious ribeyes. Let us praise and braise the flesh...I can taste them now!
We Now Have Meat Vending Machines
Just when you thought convenience and awesomeness couldn't possibly get any better that what it currently is, behold the meat vending machine! This marvelous breakthrough is beyond genius and it's definitely next level epic!