The “Halloween is Cancelled” Mini Movie
This hilarious parody video from YouTube channel Andrew Kasch has the one and only Micheal Myers from the Halloween movie franchise sadly walking around empty streets and neighborhoods on All Hallows' Eve. There's no one out and nothing to do, until he meets up with a neighborhood Karen.
The Greatest LEGO Animation Ever Captured on Video
Behold the single greatest lego animation to have ever been done! I have on idea how long this must have taken, but it's well worth it. A HUGE THANKS to YouTube channel Domy13 for putting this together and sharing it with us. It took weeks to shoot this video and the very least we could do is share it and "Brick Roll" as many people as possible.
COVID-19 “Friends” Theme Parody
This has to be one of the funniest COVID-19 parodies I've seen so far. Someone took the "Friends" opening theme song and re-did it to feature corona virus and all the craziness we've seen over the past several months. It includes: COVID-19, social distancing, toilet paper, clean hands, healthcare workers and madness. This one's got it all and is sure to create a laugh.
Funny Peterson Farm Bros. Parody of ‘All I Do Is Win’ [VIDEO]
The Peterson Farm Bros. are back! The latest offering is a hilarious parody of D.J. Khaled's 'All I Do Is Win.' The Peterson Farm Bros. are Greg, Nathan, and Kendal. They've made quite a name for themselves as farmers and YouTube stars! Their channel hosts a collection of funny parody songs and videos, they take popular songs and turn them into agricultural anthems. When they're not farming, they'
JibJab’s Year in Review Parodies Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black, and More [VIDEO]
Every year, the folks over at JibJab give us an animated year in review, and they’ve done it again for 2011. You’ll find a lot of 2011′s top newsmakers and stories in the clip below, including (deep breath) Charlie Sheen, Herman Cain, Lindsey Lohan, Dr. Conrad Murray, Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s love child, unemployment, Anthony Weiner, Rupert Murdoch, the Japan earthquake and non-gay Bert and Ernie