parody commercials

Local Plumber Commercial “The Toiletnator” Is a Sci-Fi Masterpiece!
This has to be the single greatest local TV commercial ever produced in the history of all mankind! Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Austin, TX. has provided us a true sci-fi masterpiece with "The Toiletnator." It's a TV spot that parodies "The Terminator" movie in all it's glory and Arnold Swansinger accent. A must see for any local add connoisseur. If you're a fan of these low budget mini-movies you're sure to love this.
Get Ready For America’s Next Top Karen!
We're sure to see a Karen, maybe even a Chad or two from Lawton, Fort Sill make an appearance on "America's Next Top Karen." It's the all new reality TV show none of us wanted, but possibly deserve.
Honest Trailers Parodies Every Streaming Service
It's another epic and hilariously demented Honest Trailer from YouTube channel Screen Junkies. This time around they poke fun at all the streaming services, it's beyond laughable, accurate and will have you wondering, "Why do I subscribe to this and how do I cancel it?"
The Harsh Yet Funny Reality Of Quarantine
It's another hilarious parody commercial, this time from Pandemic Productions. I think the only good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is all the funny memes, videos and parodies people are doing to occupy their time and entertain the rest of us.
Every Commercial Is Exactly The Same Now
It can't just be me, surely everyone else has noticed the over abundance of cliche phrases and keywords we keep hearing over and over in commercials. I think the only thing more annoying than the virus itself are these advertisements.