Governor Stitt Hosts Cookout Under PETA sign in OKC!
Without a doubt Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is the absolute coolest Gov. in the entire country! I'm just going to say it "Damn I'm proud of Oklahoma and our Governor!" Yesterday (05-12-21) Gov. Stitt hosted a quick cookout in OKC with local and area farmers, ranchers and grill loving Oklahomans. It was kind of a pop up cookout in that it took place on the side of the road on Southeast 15th Street in OKC near the PETA billboard.
For a Limited Time Get 20 Ribeyes For Just $40.00
They're back! Essential Food Sales has returned to Lawton, Fort Sill with unbeatable deals on steaks, chicken, pork and even seafood. For a limited time you can get 20 ribeyes for just $40.00 while supplies last. They're set up on the corner of Ferris Ave and Sheridan Road in the Goodwill parking lot across from Sam's Club/Walmart. You can't missing the giant tent or truck. Pull in to get great deals on all meats.