Learn How to Make the Perfect Burrito
You're just a short 3:30 minutes away from learning how to make the perfect burrito. It's a lot easier than it looks and anyone can master it. Before you know it you'll be serving your friends and family tasty Mexican treats and be the envy of all with your amazing burrito skills.
My Favorite Chicken Pot Pie Recipe
I found this recipe in a Country America magazine from 1995. It was a recipe booklet that was inserted into the magazine and includes recipes from country artists like the Gatlin Brothers, Garth Brooks, T.G. Sheppard, Patty Loveless and more. I have made this recipe so many times you would think I would know it from memory. I have altered it for my own taste and this is my modified recipe. Read Mo
Perfect Side Dish for Ham
I don't remember where I found this recipe but I've made it a bunch of times. It's a good side dish for breakfast when you have a lot of guests or, my favorite, with my Christmas ham.
Five Easy To Make Meals
Many families face hectic schedules and tight budgets, especially when kids go back to school. A few quick meal solutions can help you spend less at the store and enjoy more time with your family this school year.
Great Recipes? Go Ask Mom, or Facebook?!
My mom taught me how to cook.  She could rattle off the ingredients to so many homemade things like biscuits and gravy, a dish we called 'meal in a dish', spaghetti, and chicken fried steak.  I also have a great friend who gave me a wonderful recipe for Crock Pot Pizza, which I will share with you here...
5 Insanely Easy Halloween Cookie Ideas [PICTURES]
The Decorated Cookie Blog   If you're planning a Halloween party, don't get lazy with the treats and snacks. Just setting out big bowls of candy is not going to cut it. Instead, how about Mummy Cookie Pops? Or Frankenstein Marshmallows? Or even Mis ...
Easy Easter Dessert Recipes [VIDEOS]
Though technically a religious holiday, Easter has become more synonymous with milk chocolate candies in the shapes of eggs and bunnies, fruity snacks in springy hues and all sorts of decadent desserts. Stock up on the goods in stores, but also think about making a few of your own delectable treats this year.