Old Train Car and Building in Downtown Lawton Should Be a Diner!
Someone needs to buy this property and turn it into a diner, or burger joint. I cut through downtown this morning and passed by what I think was the old Lawton Housing Authority building. You know the one, it's got the train car set up out front. It's right across the street from C.L. Boyd Co Inc. and near the corner of Southeast 2nd street and Southeast F Ave. I love that old building and wish I had the means to buy it and transform it into a 50's style diner, it would make the coolest restaurant in town.
11pm Curfew for Oklahoma Bars and Restaurants is Over!
The 11:00pm curfew for Oklahoma bars and restaurants has been lifted! Over the past 2 days a lot has happened with the mandatory curfew and the extension of Oklahoma's COVID-19 state of emergency orders or mandates. Earlier this week news broke that District Judge Susan Stallings extended a temporary restraining order that put a hold on the enforcement of the curfew for the next 6 months. Several Oklahoma bars and restaurants have filed lawsuits over the curfew and challenged it's enforcement.
Panera Bread is Coming to Lawton, Fort Sill
It won't be long now, the new Panera Bread in Lawton, Fort Sill is now under construction on Sheridan Road next to Raising Cain's Chicken and across from Walmart. They've gotten a good start, the outside walls are now in place and they're working on bricking and roughing in the interior.
The McRib is Available at Lawton McDonalds!
Today's the day, the McRib is back! The wait is finally over and you can now order the McRib at all Lawton McDonald's. That's what I ate for lunch and what I plan on eating for dinner as well. It'll only be out for a limited time so you have to fill up and eat as many as possible while you can. Or at least I do. The sad day will come when it will be removed from the menu and we'll have to wait an entire year for it to return.
The New Sonic on Sheridan Road in Lawton is Now Open!
Great news, the brand new Sonic on Sheridan Road in Lawton is NOW OPEN! Awhile back we lost 2 Sonic Drive Ins here in town, the one on Lee Blvd near 2nd street and the one closest to Fort Sill on Sheridan road. We were all wondering what was going on and worried that Sonic Drive Ins were closing in town. Then we saw them breaking ground and building the new location at 1609 N.W. Sheridan Road.
Chick-fil-A Reopens Today After COVID-19 Shutdown
The Chick-fil-A on Cache Road is back open today (08-19-20) after being temporally shutdown due to COVID-19 concerns. The entire restaurant has been completely strip cleaned inside and out and thoroughly sanitized after last week's exposure to the Coronavirus. They'll be open from 10:30am to 8:00pm and I'll be hitting the drive-thru for lunch today to get my chicken on. It's great to have them back up and running.
Is The Lawton Chuck E. Cheese Closing?
The COVID-19 pandemic has done more than it's fair share of damage to the health and well being of not just people, but businesses over the post several months. There are hundreds if not thousands of business who's fate is still unknown, or who have unfortunately already closed due to corona virus. Now it's looking like Chuck E. Cheese might be the next victim of COVID-19.
What's Coming to S.W. Lee Blvd?
There's been a lot of construction on S.W. Lee Blvd around the 37th block next to Archer's Corner and across from the Walmart Neighborhood Market. It's right before you get to the intersection of Lee and 38th Street.
No Tipping And It Works
In addition to the 'no tipping' signs posted throughout the restaurant, there isn’t a tip line on your credit card receipt, and it’s actually working out well.
Lunch Time Dilemma
Today like every day of the week, we will have many tasks given to us, meetings to attend and deadlines to meet. But, the biggest challenge we face daily will arrive on schedule at noon. Where and what to eat for lunch.

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