The Living Dead Rob Zombie Live at Rocklahoma 2021
Rocklahoma alumni Rob Zombie returned to Pryor, OK. to headline night one of ROK21 on the Freedom Stage and it was everything you'd expect from Zombie and more! It was great to see him again, I think the last time I saw him was at Rocklahoma 2016.
Sevendust Live on the Freedom Stage at Rocklahoma 2021
Lajon and boys made the trip to Pryor, OK. for Rocklahoma 2021 and just played the Main/Freedom Stage. Sevendust are Rocklahoma alumni and always put on a great show. I can't remember the last time I got to see them, I think it was Rocklahoma 2018.
Rocklahoma 2021 the Calm Before the Storm
It's the calm before the storm walking the festival grounds getting ready for ROK21 to kick off. After setting up on "Radio Row" we toured the grounds to get the lay of the land and make plans for routes to stages and timing ourselves to make sure we can get their in time.
The Road to Rocklahoma 2021
A BIG THANKS to EZ-GO for sponsoring our road trip to Rocklahoma this year we really appreciate it. We hit the road around 5:00pm yesterday afternoon and made stops along the way at all the different EZ-GO stations to fill up and grab snacks and drinks.
Time to Head to Rocklahoma 2021
Time to jump in the old trusty Z94 "Soul Reaper" Kia and head to Pryor, OK. for Rocklahoma 2021. There's nothing quite like a road trip to a concert, even better when it's a three day, three stage live music festival.
Limp Bizkit Cancel Rocklahoma Appearance
Well, we were all wondering about this and hoping it wouldn't happen, but Limp Bizkit have cancelled their appearance at Rocklahoma 2021. The announcement was made by festival organizers on Wednesday (08-25-21) on the official Rocklahoma Facebook page.

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