Sex Only Burns 21 Calories
If you've always lived your life by the age-old myth that you can burn 300 calories every time you knock athletic shoes with your partner in carnal knowledge, a new study suggests that you might want to start bumping uglies on a stationary bike or elliptical machine – recent findings show…
More House Chores, Less Sex
Married men who kiss up to their old ladies by helping out with the housework are less likely to be bumping uglies with that same misses at the end of the night, according to a new study.
Seven Health Benifits of a Bedroom Workout!
7 Surprisingly Healthy Benefits of Sex
Hey guys, are you tired of getting the shaft every night?  Does your girl cop out with excuses like “oh, not tonight—I have a headache”?  Well here are some interesting tidbits you can use to try to get a tiddly-bit of…