Bed Bath & Beyond Closing Stores Due to Pandemic
COVID-19 has claimed another National chain that will be closing stores due to the pandemic and it's negative economic impact. Bed Bath & Beyond announced that it will be closing over 200 stores in the U.S. and Canada over the next few years. Recently they listed the first 60 stores that wi…
Walmart Closed On Thanksgiving This Year
For the first time, maybe ever, Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving day this year. I don't ever remember Walmart being closed on any other day than Christmas. This year the retail giant has decided to close it's doors and allow employees to spend time with their families.
Is Tuesday Morning Closing It's Location In Cache Road Square?
It's looking like Lawton, Fort Sill maybe facing another store closing, this time Tuesday Morning in the Cache Road Square. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the retailer hard and they've recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They'll be closing around 130 stores with an …
Don't Send a Man To The Grocery Store [VIDEO]
I was not raised in the the south but I have learned a lot about southern hospitality since I've lived her nearly 16 years now. I'm still trying to understand the local colloquialism's; as in "reckin", "fixin", "yonder", "jeetyet", and "backerds". I'…
Robotic Mannequins Are Being Used to Spy on Shoppers
If you ever get a creepy feeling that the mannequins in the department store are watching you, you just might be right. Some fashion brands are now using mannequins equipped with technology used to identify criminals at airports to watch shoppers at their stores.

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