New FX Show Filmed in Oklahoma “Reservation Dogs” Released
If you haven't seen the new show "Reservation Dogs" on the FX network, it's also available to stream on Hulu, you have to check it out! The new show is filmed right here in Oklahoma. Most of it is being filmed in Okmulgee and in the Tulsa area. The show is about a group of Native American teenagers growing up on a reservation. It's kind of a dark, coming of age comedy with lots of action, laughs and unforgettable moments.
The Days of Sharing Netflix Accounts and Passwords are Numbered!
Well it was bound to happen sooner or later, Netflix will be tightening up their security and verification systems when it comes to client accounts and passwords. That means the days of sharing Netflix accounts and passwords are numbered, it was fun while it lasted. They're doing some testing of the new account verification system in several different markets so it may not hit Lawton, Fort Sill until later. How it works is it monitors account activity and log ins, more than likely by device or I.P. addresses. If it suspects that someone's using the account who isn't authorized or the actual account holder it will ask for a verification code.
Streaming Good For Music
More than 15 years after helping lead the charge against illegal file-sharing, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has made his peace with digital music.
WalMart Streams Movies
Are you ready for more movie streaming? WalMart is entering the world of streaming movies but can they compete with Netflix?  Probably not.  Here's why: