Oklahoma Legislators are Working to End Grocery Sales Tax
Back in July we heard news that Oklahoma Legislators were working to end the sales tax on groceries. At that time they announced that they would be conducting a study to see what the possible impacts would be both positively and negatively for the state. Well they've done their research and it's looking like they'll be moving forward with it. Lawmakers will be meeting very soon to draft legislation to end the grocery sales tax.
Child Tax Credit Stimulus Payments to Start This Summer
Another round of stimulus checks are on the way for some Americans. This time around it's based on dependents, specifically children. The new stimulus checks will be in the form of a child tax credit and will be split into monthly payments starting sometime this July. It's all a part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 signed by President Joe Biden.
Tax Scam
If you can remember that, you likely won't be a victim of a tax scam. Oh, one more thing:  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN'T EMAIL YOU ASKING FOR MONEY, EITHER.
Download this App – IRS2Go
Waiting on an income tax refund? Wondering about the status of your tax return? The IRS has an app for that, IRS2Go. In fact, the IRS has had an app since 2011, and new version 4.0 is now available in both English and Spanish, for iPhone and Android.
Taxes - There's an App for That
The Internal Revenue Service today announced the release of IRS2Go 4.0, an update to its smartphone application featuring new added features available in both English and Spanish.
2013 Tax Day Dining Deals
This Tax Day, food chains around the country know that we might be feeling the pinch, and have decided to reward us for all our hard work this year with some discounts and freebies. Be sure to call ahead before heading over, though; in some cases not all locations are participating. ... Many deals require a coupon, so be sure to hit up the restaurants' websites and Facebook pages before you leave

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