Cute Video of a Tulsa Police Officer Pulling Over a Speeding Toddler
WARNING: The following video contains cuteness in very concentrated high levels that may cause serious side effects including: laughing, smiling and a general feeling of happiness. Hit play at your own discretion, you have been warned! A Tulsa police officer is caught on video pulling over his neighbor's kid.
4 Year Old Has Quarantine Meltdown
I think this little girl has the absolute best reaction to everything that's been going on over the past several months. We can all feel her pain and frustration about quarantine and all the shutdowns that have happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been rough and I'm sure even harder on the kids so her meltdown in my book is more than justified.
Toddler Argues with Mom
This toddler must be auditioning for the pre-school debate club. I know if I had tried to negotiate with my Mom this way (calling her by her first name). I would have had one of those "pow pows" on my butt!